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Hamnøy Lofoten

Hamnøy, Lofoten, Norway

The MAN • Lucky Pick

Symbol of Belgrade - Pobednik

Belgrade, The City Of Tomorrow

Bay Of Kotor
Bay Of Kotor – Europe’s Most Beautiful Fjord

Bay Of Kotor – Wild and Beautiful We know some of you will think this…

Shipwreck On Zakynthos Island
The Mystery Of Shipwreck On Zakynthos Island

MV Panagiotis On the southwest coast of Greece, deep in the sapphire waters of the…

Modern Design

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Joe Manganiello Classic Push-UPS!

Are you in the gym? Step away from the bench and do these Joe Manganiello push-ups instead. The pushup needs no introduction. It is one of the greatest exercises there is. Not only does it strengthen your arms, chest, and…

Blloc, Minimalist Monochromatic Smartphone

The Blloc Smartphone Smartphone manufacturers are constantly looking for new forms and designs in a desire to hit the new winning combination. If we look at the past, we can definitely see that new and revolutionary moments in this field are…

Interview With Lando Griffin – The Suited Racer

Lando Griffin – The Suited Racer Modern times call for modern heroes and heroines. Unfortunately, you can’t find them as many as you’d probably like, but there are a few that stand out. We found one that stands out by…

Pop Culture
Alain Delon Portrait
Alain Delon, Portrait Of The French Heartbreaker

Alain Delon, Portrait Alain Fabien Maurice Marcel Delon. One of the most charismatic and most attractive actors of all time. This French sex symbol appeared in 140 films, mainly playing bad guys. He was equally wanted in TV shows and…

What makes an iPhone an iPhone
What Makes An iPhone An iPhone

The Name It was the year of 1998. The year when the first iPhone was released. You think we are fooling around? No, this is no joke. InfoGear Technology Corporation or just InfoGear was an American technology company founded in…

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