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Sheldon Chalet hotel

Sheldon Chalet, Alaska, The Most Isolated Luxury Hotel

For those who are fed up with summer vacations, and do not mind the low temperatures and winter, we bring the story on Sheldon Chalet hotel in Alaska, located on a far…

Kouros Hotel & Suites, Mikonos

Beautiful Kouros Hotel & Suites, Mikonos

The charm of the Cyclades along with authentic Mykonian hospitality culminate in the elegant Kouros Hotel Suites, Mikonos. Kouros Hotel & Suites, a luxury 5-star boutique hotel in Mykonos, Greece, is an…

Breathtaking Destinations That You Need To See To Believe

Breathtaking Destinations That You Need To See To Believe

The wonders of the earth never cease to amaze. No matter where you are, each country has its own brilliant destination that will always be a sight to behold. Whether it’s the…

HER • Written for Him

Ashley Martelle Marylin cover

Introducing Instagram Star – Ashley Martelle

Ashley Martelle – the Instagram phenomenon If you haven’t checked out Ashley Martelle Instagram profile yet, you definitely should. Ashley Martelle was a member of Taz’s Angels, a group of Miami women…

Katerina Goldman

Interview with Katerina Goldman, The Owner of “Brand Me”

Branding by her own rules / Interview with Katerina Goldman Katerina Goldman is a next-generation Marketing Coach and a Brand Manager from Moscow, Russia. We had a chat with her about her…

Alexa Brooke Senia

Interview with Beautiful Artist and Designer – Alexa B Senia

We haven’t covered much of modern art recently in our magazine. It’s not that we didn’t want to do so, its just the matter of time and opportunities we had. Now that…